Just think of the various Facebook data scandals.

It is therefore not a special problem of dating apps and how Tinder works, but a general thing that you as a user always have to consider when creating an account with personal data somewhere on the Internet.

But in fact Tinder works in such a way that the app receives and stores an extremely large amount of data from the users. At least if you log into Tinder with your Facebook account. Then Tinder picks up all kinds of personal information such as name, age, occupation etc. but also interests such as pages that you like or which friends you have.

But since the end of 2018 it is no longer mandatory that you create Tinder with your Facebook account, you can simply log in with a phone number as described above. And if you then use Tinder without Facebook, the app will of course not have access to all of this personal data.

Of course, when registering with a number instead of Facebook you have to enter personal data such as age, name etc. and the app also has access to your photos and your location etc. But of course this is far less information than when registering with Facebook.

In addition to this personal information about you, Tinder also analyzes and saves your activity in the app. So your uploaded photos, your chats, how often and how long you are active, etc.

If you want to know what data Tinder stores about you, you can request your personal data from Tinder here.

In connection with the question of how Tinder works and how they handle privacy and data protection, the question arises again and again whether you can search Tinder users specifically. So whether people who do not have a Tinder account themselves can find out whether you are using Tinder.

Such a search function for Tinder profiles does not officially exist. So you can’t search for profiles on Tinder directly. However, there are some rather dubious websites that promise and offer exactly that. Namely, that they only need some information such as the person’s age, name, and probable location to find out if that person is on Tinder.

How well this works and how serious these providers are is more than questionable. But in general, you should be aware that if someone really wants to find out if you’re on Tinder, they probably will somehow be able to.

You are anonymous on Tinder in that you can enter your name, age, photos etc.

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