If you tap on the person’s name, the entire profile will be displayed.

If you like a profile, you can simply swipe right and give that professional a like by pressing the photo with your finger and sliding to the right. If you don’t like the suggestion, simply swipe to the left and give the profile a “nope”. If you swipe up or tap the blue star below, you give the person a so-called super-like, more on that later.

You can show these likes or nopes not only by swiping left-right, but also using the controls at the bottom of the screen.

The most important elements there are the X and the heart. These two buttons work the same way on Tinder as swiping right or left.

If you like a profile, you can either swipe right or tap on the green heart. And if you don’t like a profile, you either swipe left or tap the red X.

If you want to see more information about a person, just tap on their name or the gray “i” on the right-hand side and you will see information such as profile text, occupation etc. displayed.

This Tinder left-right principle with likes and nopes is basically the core of how Tinder works. If both sides have given the other profile a like by swiping right or pressing the green heart, a match will ensue.

You can recognize a match by the fact that the moment you swipe right or tap the heart, a large “it’s a match” appears on the screen.

When “it’s a match” appears on Tinder, you can either chat with this person immediately by tapping in the chat box below, or simply continue swiping and view more profiles.

A match can take place while you are swiping, namely whenever you give a like a profile and this person has already given you a like.

The second possibility for a match is if you have already swiped a profile to the right and this person then sees your profile at some point later and also swipes you to the right.

This means that days or even weeks later you can suddenly get a match with someone whose profile you liked a long time ago.

You can find your previous and your new matches by tapping on the chat symbol in the top right corner of the menu. There you will find a list of all your matches and all of your previous chats, and there you can also search for specific matches by typing their name in “Search matches”.

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