Many dubious advisors suggest posing with your dog on dating platforms. It doesn’t matter if you own one or not. (Symbol picture) picture: getty images

Anyone who is on platforms like Tinder has probably seen them before: These sweet creatures with loyal eyes who want nothing but to be loved. We’re talking about the numerous dogs that grace many online dating profiles.

Owners or mistresses can certainly collect plus points if they present themselves together with their four-legged friends. After all, they show that they are social, active and able to take responsibility for a living being that needs more care than a houseplant.

Some non-dog owners probably want to adopt these positive characteristics, which are assigned to dog owners, when it comes to data – and pose with cute four-legged friends that do not belong to them on Tinder, Bumble and other apps. “Dogfishing” is the name of the trend that is emerging on online dating platforms.

If you search the net for tips on how to optimize your Tinder profile in order to generate more matches, men in particular are advised by sources that seem dubious: pose with a dog. “Women literally melt away with cute dog eyes,” says the “Flirt University” website. Flirt coach Andy Pasion also says on his own website that pets leave a good impression on Tinder photos: “Because if you love animals, you just have to be a great guy – thinks the woman’s brain.”

Whether the single man identifies with life as a dog owner, likes animals at all or if only from the grill – that doesn’t seem to play a role in such advice. The main thing is that the “woman’s brain” is triggered by the sweet bowel.

It should be clear that you shouldn’t cheat on your dating profile and that the truth will come to light at the latest when you take your date home with you and there is no cute ball of fur waiting there.

If you actually have a dog and are single, there is good news for you: because if you own a four-legged friend, you have a good chance of not having to look after it alone.

According to a YouGov survey, single dog owners are rated more positively than singles without a pet: 34 percent of women and 31 percent of men stated that they are more likely to say yes to a date if the potential partner has a dog. The British animal feed manufacturer Webbox even carried out a two-week experiment entitled “Pet Wingman”: It found that women get 69 percent more matches on Tinder and men 38 percent.

The operators of dating platforms have also noticed that singles with dogs score in the profile picture. A spokesman for Tinder told “Elite Daily” that around ten percent of all users have pictures of dogs in their profiles and that this is usually rated positively. And the operators of the dating app Badoo have found that women are 29 percent more likely to swipe to the right when taking profile pictures with a dog. For men it is 21 percent.

If you don’t have a dog and still want to get on well with other singles, you don’t have to borrow your neighbor’s Waldi, pose with him and thus fool your potential partner before the first meeting.

You can also present yourself well in other ways on Tinder, Bumble or other dating apps of your choice, without fooling around. For example, by making sure to smile nicely and show your eyes, so don’t wear (sun) glasses, says former Tinder sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino. That alone increases the chance that the person looking at your profile will swipe to the right by 14 or 15 percent.

Or you simply don’t give a damn about all the advice and statistics and just present yourself as you feel most comfortable. After all, online dating is not about getting as many matches as possible, but about the right ones: those who are really interested in you.

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