However, a badly written flirt mail full of empty phrases and little personal reference can also mean that you will have very poor or no chances with your flirt partner. It is therefore all the more important that you heed our tips for writing the perfect flirtation message in order to impress and lure your counterpart with your first few words. We have therefore put together a number of success tips for you to make it easier for you to overcome this hurdle.

The salutation is the very first hurdle that has to be overcome. Perhaps you have already thought about starting your first email with “Dear Stranger” or “Hello Stranger”. However, you should try to avoid this. A number of studies have shown that many singles do not want that and prefer to be addressed personally. If you do not know the name of your flirt partner because he or she is hiding behind a pseudonym, you can still choose a personal salutation by taking details from the profile. “Good evening dear dog friend” or “Hello dear amateur cook” are therefore good options for a personal address. In this way, you can show that you have dealt a little closer with the profile and the person behind it when you address it.

While the temptation may be great, don’t send mass emails on a grand scale. Because although you can of course quickly copy a standard message and send it to a large number of singles, the copy-paste principle usually does not have the desired success. Because there is no person who does not appreciate when you express an honest interest in him or her. However, you cannot express such interest with a more generic message. Most singles also recognize very quickly that this is a mass mail, so you shouldn’t have false hopes of success. Of course you can use a standard text at least in part to make your work easier.

However, at least two or three sentences should have something to do with the profile of the other person and you should definitely ask personal questions. Because personal questions ensure that you present the user with a hook for the reply message. So your flirt partner doesn’t have to think long about what to say to you, so the chances of you actually getting a message are also better. If the mix between questions and the narrative news part is a good 50:50, this is also optimal.

Treating your counterpart in an appreciative manner will help you advance. Politeness takes the longest. A compliment can’t hurt either, if it’s serious. You shouldn’t overdo it with the compliments either, otherwise it will seem implausible. Too many compliments can even result in your flirt partner not responding to your message. Humor is also very popular with women and should therefore not be missing in your first message.

However, there are also a number of topics that you should definitely not address in your first flirting message. You can talk about the seriousness of life soon enough. In the beginning, the focus is on having fun getting to know each other. Whining about being single or the general dissatisfaction with your own life has no place in the first flirtation message. You shouldn’t touch on the topics of finances, the desire to have children, illnesses, debts and ex-partners if the flirtation is not to end prematurely. So better focus on the chocolate side of your life!

If you have now made it and aroused the interest of your counterpart with the first message, then you should reply to the message from your flirt partner just as quickly. You shouldn’t keep him or her waiting for more than three days. However, answering within a few seconds or minutes is also not recommended in order not to leave the impression that you are always available immediately.

By the way, your photo should already be activated at this point. It is therefore important to choose the right time to send the first message. Because many of your flirt partners will at least take a look at your profile after receiving your message. If there is no photo there, it will significantly reduce the chances that you will receive a response to your flirt message.

Here’s a piece of advice at the end. If the first contact has been successful thanks to our tips, it is important that you and your flirt partner do not send too long messages back and forth. Because over time, increasing expectations build up on both sides and

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