Of course there are also disappointments and lies, and the types who don’t know what they want, and those who practice their inferiority complexes and look for their victims. You really have to be careful. But they also exist in real life, and I would not generalize here. One, who also got in touch here, wrote that we women have to be courted. I think that’s right. Since it is much too easy with Tinder, the men are already forgetting that you have to make an effort to get a woman, and are disappointed if nothing happens after a few dates and then wait for a woman to now Initiative taken. But maybe it is because some women who are looking for partners let themselves go too quickly, and men get used to the fact that everything is so uncomplicated and fast, and unlearn how to really turn a woman on. But that then depends on the women how they jointly shape “their price policy” on the relationship market. If a woman agrees to f + on the second date, then the next time a man finds a woman who demands more of him too complicated. If the men on Tinder have been looking for sex for years, it means they will find it there and there are women who are also looking for it.

But as I said, I’ve already met really nice guys with serious intentions. For me it looks exactly the same as in life: some are looking for something uncomplicated, others something solid. You don’t just have to have clichés and stay neutral in my opinion 😊. And “the prices” don’t go down and only agree to what you really want, even when you’ve met a few superficial guys😁. I wish you all a lot of success and fun!

Dear fellow human beings .. Since Tinder one wonders (in my case, woman) what are all the prostitutes doing? Do they still exist? And if so, hopefully they will get some of the tinder income! But ok, it is beyond the scope to go into that here.

I ask myself, is it really attractive when a woman / man shows everything? Filtered as much as possible, offering very cheap … reminds me of women in shop windows, like in Amsterdam, for example. There weren’t any men like that before. But well, equality follows suit;)

If you are looking for a guy as a woman (in Zurich) you will find some, but none with serious intentions. Fuckboys without end. even over 50s like to work hard .. they used to be the charismatic men, very desirable, experienced, attractive, sexy – today only horny goats without style.

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