With the last points it became clear that there are some free and some paid premium functions. So let’s take a quick look at the difference and how Tinder works when you use the app for free and when you pay for it.

In itself, you can use all the important basic functions of Tinder for free without paying. That means you can create a profile, upload photos and loop videos, write a profile text, set your search criteria and of course swipe, match and chat.

However, there are certain functions that are only available to a limited extent in the free version and some other additional functions that only work as part of a premium subscription or purchase.

As already described above, there are only a limited number of swipes and likes available to you in the free version of Tinder. If you’ve swiped and liked too often, you’ve reached the swipe limit and then have to wait another 12-24 hours before you get new swipes and likes.

The number of super likes is also limited when using Tinder for free. So you only have one super like available per day. If you have consumed this one super-like, you have to subscribe to Tinder Gold, Platinum or Plus. Then you get five super likes every day for free.

The Tinder top pick suggestions are also shown to free users. Every day you will see 10 particularly attractive profiles that Tinder suggests as top picks. But if you use Tinder for free, you can only like one of these suggestions per day.

So you see, the basic functions also work when you use Tinder for free, but they are often limited. If you don’t feel like these limitations and would like further additional features, then a premium subscription is ideal.

Gold, Platinum and Plus are available as Tinder Premium subscriptions. Gold includes everything that is also available in Plus with a single addition: With Tinder Gold you can also see who has liked you.

And platinum, on the other hand, contains everything that gold can do plus three other functions: Write to users without a match, your profile is more likely to be displayed to other users when swiping if you have given them a like and you can see which profiles you have in the last 7 years Days ago.

Here is a short list of the additional Tinder functions that you get with a Plus subscription.

You also get all of these premium features with a Gold subscription, but you can also see who has already given your profile a Like. This will give you a list of all your likes, so you can have a match immediately if you like that person too.

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