However, that has been abolished and therefore it is no longer possible to see on Tinder when someone was online.

Then the last question about data protection and privacy is the question of whether you can hide the Tinder icon on your phone. This is especially interesting to know for those who use Tinder for rather uncool things like cheating and cheating.

Because according to official Tinder statistics, an incredible 45% of all Tinder users are married or in a relationship.

Of course, there are many different reasons why so many are actually on Tinder. Of course, that doesn’t always have to be the planned affair, but of course also things like checking your own market value, boosting your ego, boredom or maybe finding new acquaintances and friends.

But no matter what motivation is behind it, being caught with the Tinder logo on the mobile phone is probably extremely uncomfortable for most. And so of course the question arises whether you can hide the Tinder icon on the phone?

But this is not possible in the current version of Tinder. If you want to use the app on your mobile phone, Tinder only works if there is a shortcut on your mobile phone with which you can start Tinder. And the symbol is always the Tinder icon and you can’t hide that.

The only thing you can do is simply “hide” the Tinder shortcut somewhere in another folder, in which many other apps are collected, so that it is not immediately noticeable.

The second option would be to simply use Tinder on the desktop PC or laptop rather than on your mobile phone. Because that is also possible.

The classic use of Tinder is of course via the app on the mobile phone. And that’s also the typical way Tinder works best for most and how they use the dating app. And that’s why most of them are not even aware that Tinder is also available as a desktop version for the computer or laptop.

Instead of using the app on your mobile phone, you can simply go to and log in there or create an account there.

And then you can also match and chat in the normal way in the web browser and use all other Tinder functions just like on your mobile phone.

And that is definitely very practical. Because, especially when you have a lot of matches and chats, typing on your mobile phone can be a bit annoying.

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