One-night stands and spontaneous sparkling wine dates on mild spring evenings are currently not the issue. To do this, you advertise your own toilet paper supply on dating apps and arrange to meet for “the time afterwards”, whenever that may be.

* We want to inspire you during the current measures and try to update our articles continuously in compliance with Covid. Please continue to adhere to the measures. Only if we stick together now and look at each other can we enjoy all this inspiration together again as soon as possible and return to a halfway normal everyday life.

The corona virus has turned our lives around 180 degrees in many areas. Thanks to the internet and technology, we stay in contact with our outside world despite extensive physical isolation. And so data continues to be used – kind of. Because here, too, ‘Rona, as the virus is now familiarly known by some, has changed a lot.

Match today, drink a splash tomorrow and then to me or you is currently not an option. In times of quickly found and quickly discarded potential partners for sometimes more and sometimes fewer hours, the corona virus throws our dating behavior a 1 meter wide line through the bill. Instead, people write back and forth for a long time and make plans for “the time afterwards” – a different kind of deceleration. If the date actually happens after weeks or months, you can at least assume that there is genuine interest. We think it’s good.

That leads us straight to the next point. During the isolation, the matches in various dating apps seem to have multiplied. You exchange ideas about everyday life in your own four walls, where the tiniest little things can amount to a sensation, send funny memes back and forth and now and then try the lyrical form of sexting. And because the other person has a similar sense of humor and otherwise seems very personable, they suggest a meeting after the curfew. And then only the crickets chirp. This gross move already has a name: Corona zoning. Ouch.

So let’s put that in the room. In any case, it can be observed that inspirational quotes have been replaced by toilet paper jokes in the dating app profiles and the photo of the toilet paper supply at home replaces that of your own sleek sleigh. The times they are a-changing. The motto “Netflix and chill” alone gives us a certain constant.

Six years ago you had something with Robert and after four weeks of isolation you realize that maybe the story with him was probably and almost certainly not that bad after all? Corona makes us do weird things, even without a fever. Before pulling out the cell phone and saying “Hey, how are you? Can you still remember me? ”In connection with a winking smiley, when Robert reaches a perplexed person who may also get into an argument with his now fiancé, it is advisable to take ten deep breaths. Because let’s be honest, if goulash has stood cold for six years, you can safely leave it at that.

In normal circumstances, moving in together is a really big step towards a long-term relationship. But then Corona came and turned the rules of the game around our ears. The prospect of giving up physical closeness and sex and vegetating there in single iso makes some people pack the weekender and move to our G’schpusi. How was it? Better to take small steps than break your legs in a big jump? That was before Corona. The motto is now: nothing to the hip, nothing to schod. You still have your own apartment as a back-up.

We are aware that vouchers, to-dos and competitions appear in this article that may not currently be feasible due to the corona measures. Nevertheless, we have decided to continue embedding it in order to inspire you now for the time after the crisis.

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