The most important thing is that you have fun clearly visible in the picture. Anyone who has fun and laughs or smiles is much more personable. You don’t have to have overly posed pictures taken. It is best if the picture looks as if it was created by chance and spontaneously. However, this should not affect the quality of the image. After all, the other users want to be able to see exactly who they are actually chatting with.

In addition, the picture says something about your own character. For example, anyone reading a book on their profile picture is more likely to be seen as a generally leisurely and educated person than someone who is currently doing sports on their profile picture. That may serve clichés, but the reality is that certain activities are associated with certain character traits.

So you realize that choosing your own profile picture can have a very strong influence on how you are perceived by other people. Ultimately, you decide which facet of your being you want to focus on.

Once you’ve decided to start dating online, you’ve probably gone through a period of information and reflection on the subject. But not everyone who wants to find a partner can do it – probably well known to everyone who has ever felt the need for a loving relationship. There are some people who always seem to be taken, even if they may change partners every now and then, and others who have to search forever to find a partner. But the goal of online dating, as with any partner search, should logically not be to find a partner as quickly as possible, but to find a partner who suits you as well as possible so that you can be really happy together. However, this is often not easy. A few general tips, however, can be given as to how this works best.

First of all, there is the very classically well-known sentence “Be yourself.” You could now ask yourself who you actually are – after all, you have different character traits that may also conflict with each other. But here it should generally mean that you behave in such a way that you do not have to be ashamed of your actions in retrospect and always feel comfortable at the time of the action. At first it sounds natural, as if you always do it that way.

But it is particularly relevant when looking for a partner, because if you do not feel comfortable around a person and are relaxed and relaxed, then this person does not seem to be an optimal partner for you for good reasons.

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