Here you can find out how you shine in online dating despite your average appearance, put every duckface in the shade and why bathroom mirror selfies are not a good way of self-reflection.

This guide assumes that you know Tinder, or at least are familiar with the basic principles. If it isn’t you, here is a contribution to your general education:

“I have one superlike a day and I think that you are the most beautiful person today and I should let you know.”

If there are two rightswipes, a match arises, and the two people now have the opportunity to chat. With one or two leftswipes there is no match and you can happily continue wiping.

At this point, I leave out the fact that dating apps are totally stupid and Tinder is a pure hookup app to catch STDs. If you don’t like this kind of getting to know each other and condemn people who prefer it, please stop reading here and get upset elsewhere. At this point, a best-of of sentences that dating app opponents can use:

In this guide I want to explain to you why you don’t need a duckface or a C-cup to impress a man. By “man” I mean at this point: educated and WITHOUT bathroom mirror selfies. Whether men with self-portraits from the gym and serious grammar and spelling errors in their Tinder biography are into me or the type of woman “self-deprecating and self-confident”, I will tragically never find out personally: For these gentlemen of creation there is a leftswipe from me and none Chance of a match. #crybaby

At this point I would like to give you one or two sentences on how to proceed. In contrast to studies or statistics, the results presented here are based purely on empirical values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are collected. Either what you have experienced yourself or stories from your circle of friends and acquaintances. Anyone who wants to pillory me and says: “It doesn’t work like that or it is not transferable to all other people on this planet” comes out as particularly clever and should contact me to click a button on the “Captain Obvious” stands to receive.

Words cannot describe the grandiose look with which some are blessed by God’s providence, his genes and his infinite love for sport. Pay: 4/10. Not everyone on this planet can be a natural beauty AND a superbrain.

In the pictures, the girl at Tinder looks like a highly motivated, super sports model who has just had her chewing bar bleached. Anyone who knows this girl, i.e. me, knows that I only like thinking and diving, that I find it pointless to sweat and maybe consume less pizza and beer and that I could use a green smoothie … and in real life Life also more like a 4. Apparently my pictures still work for me, at least the many matches and many millions of super likes speak for it. (Hyperbole)

The pictures shown on Tinder are visualized whispers: We take particularly favorable poses, choose the best light, look for the most optimized filter and need several fail photos until we have a picture that we actually want to upload online. Whether and to what extent phototuning is morally okay with online dating is another matter and is not discussed here. After all, this guide only explains how to get super likes – not the man of your life. So guys … before you meet me or other girls in real life: We come without a LoFi filter, without a soft focus and without a Snapchat beauty layer … but with 5 kilos more on the ribs.

Now that we have learned that the options for optical tuning are limited and that you have to face the fact that you simply have to work with the material you have there, take it easy: put a filter on it, take a picture, which underlines your preferences, laughs or not – just show that you feel good and would give yourself the superlike if you could. If your basic type is active and cheerful, there are certainly pictures that depict you that way. If you have a favorite hobby, show it off. Show yourself doing your favorite activity: Something that makes you shine anyway when you do it. (Eating, sleeping, riding the pony, dick riding, playing Pokemon Go, drinking alcohol, football, diving, traveling, petting dolphins, turning beauty make-up tutorials … something like that.)

Mr. Right (swipe) will notice you and give you his Superlike of the day! And if not, it doesn’t matter. You can keep wiping or pursue your hobby.

You do what you love to do and you shine. The white powder snow and the incidence of light do the rest in this picture.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, you should write a guide on everyone

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